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With a team of business experts and advisors, Moalusi Corporate Consulting provides a turnkey set of specialised IR consulting and HR solutions in Johannesburg that have been designed to streamline every facet of modern business. We offer our clients a single ER and HR solution that focusses on effective consultations, business compliance and seamless execution.

Working closely with our clients we produce solutions based on extensive experience and insights that work to improve Industrial Relations, human resources and business compliance.

A hands-on approach to empowering your business

We work thoroughly to identify key areas of improvement in our clients’ businesses and assist our clients with making positive changes that result in better overall business performance.

The difference is that we empower our clients to make improvements to their business, in a sustainable manner. We offer in-depth training that equips our clients with what they need to continuously improve with regards to human-resource management and compliance.

The types of training we offer

  • How to chair disciplinary hearings

  • Representing yourself at the CCMA

  • Initiating a disciplinary hearing

  • Performance management

  • Dealing with strikes in the workplace

  • Dealing with incapacity due to ill health/incompatibility

In addition to this, we offer custom training that meets the needs of your business.Contact us today to find a solution that works for you.

Industrial relations consulting & hr solutions in Johannesburg

We offer a turnkey set of services related to corporate consultation and human resources management. The span and detail of each of these services is what allows Moalusi Corporate Consulting to stand out against our competitors.

Here is an overview of how we can benefit your business:

  • Human Resources Support

  • CCMA & Bargaining Council Representation

  • Performance Management

  • Managing Incapacity due to Ill Health

  • Retrenchment Services

  • Labour Court Matters

  • Managing Strikes

  • Wage Negotiations

  • Collective Bargaining

  • Concerns with Transfers of Business

  • Drafting & Reviewing contracts, Policies & Reviews

  • Providing Legal Advice

  • Training & Facilitation

Our Services


Labour Court matters


Wage negotiations

Contract drafting/contract reviews

Incapacity due to ill health

Labour Court matters

Performance Management to increase efficiency

Collective bargaining

Policy drafting / policy reviews

Human Capital support

Performance Management to increase efficiency

CCMA and Bargaining Council Representation

Legal opinions


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If you would like to know more about our business consulting and HR solutions in Johannesburg, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Moalusi Corporate Consulting for details. For a complete list and description of who we are and how we can help your company grow, feel free to continue browsing our website.